September 8, 2021

Ghonchu meaning in english

Both mean fool, moron, stupid, simpleton, idiot and words like these.moorkh is the official word, and academically proper.ghonchu is colloquial and the word may not be found in dictionaries.But ghonchu may be used rather affectionately too, when you are addressing a simpleton who is otherwise lovable.If you wish to tell a close friend who has done something silly, it’s alright to say : “Hey, you Ghonchu! How could you be so stupid?” But you must be really close to earn this privilege.“moorkh” is more serious.I might be hurt if someone calls me a moorkh but I might tolerate better being called a “ghonchu”by a close friend. I have done plenty of things in my life to earn the title of ‘ghonchu’

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